About me

Hi, I'm Divit Bui. I am a self-taught Software Engineer that's loves to learn and teach! I've started coding around 2018 and I have professional experience in system design, architecture, databases and applications.
Currently I work with Java using Springboot Framework where my main responsibility at the moment is to do with API Design.

As I mentioned, I love to learn and I thirst for knowledge (MORE POWER!!) thus I dabble in a lot of different areas of technology so be sure to check out my Github for more. It includes Machine Learning with pytorch, Quarkus with Kafka, Android applications and many more!

I've graduated with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Salford which totally doesn't make much sense with my Career path, I know! I didn't know I would fall in love with programming when I tried it which wasn't till few years after my graduation.

Personally, I know the struggle starting off to code, getting "stuff" to just work and trying to understand why. I have been in that situation and I know it can be tough so whether you're self-taught, in bootcamp or University, you can contact me via email or linkedin and I would be happy to help in your journey!

That's all for now, thanks for reading!